48th Grand Master
Personal Info
Nickname Grand Master
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Relatives Hong Su Jung (grand daughter)

Jo Su-Hyun (adopted son)

Status Deceased
Professional Info
Affiliation Main Family

Hongmoon Clan

Occupation 48th Grand Master
Martial Arts
Rank Grand Master
Style Main Family
Webtoon Debut
Chapter 2

The Grand Master was the vessel for the 500 year old ki. When he was attacked by Scorpion, Eun Aran was dragged into the fight and almost died. After the battle he implanted his ki into the boy to save his life.

Appearance Edit

He is a old man with greyish white hair and beard. He wore a blue uniform.

Personality Edit

A very by the book martial artist and Main Family representiveve.

Plot Edit

Receiving the 500 year old ki Edit

Scorpion is jumping from rooftops and stares out at the bridge as the Grand Master comes by in a car. He then has the robot henchman attack the car. The Grand Master survives and attacks the henchmen. 

Aran gets off the bus to find the Grand Master fighting. Aran gets thrown into the fight and gets injured. The Grand Master uses a Ki Blast and destroys the henchmen and blows off Scorpion’s arm. Scorpion then retreats.  Grand Master precedes to save Aran by implanting his 500 year old Ki and by doing so the Grand Master dies.

Abilities Edit

He is the strongest Grand Master ever with the 500 year old ki.