Cheon Inhan
Personal Info
Gender Male
Professional Info
Ex-Affiliation Hongmoon Clan

7 Disciples of Hongmoon

Martial Arts
Master 48th Grand Master
Webtoon Debut

Cheon Inhan is one of the 7 disciples of the Grand Master. He protects Eun Aran as he escapes from the robot surprise attack.

Appearance Edit

He disguises himself as a hobo to hide a fact he is apart of the Murim world.

Personality Edit

He is a genuine nice guy but very protective of his family.

Plot Edit

Receiving the 500 year old ki Edit

He is the first person to explain the world of Murim to Aran and goes into the history of the Hongmoon Clan and of past Grand Masters.

Then Madai attacks the Hongmoon base and he sacrifices himself to buy Aran and Su Jung some time to get away.

Abilities Edit

- 18 Dragon Strikes 3rd Dance