Personal Info
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Relatives Suksoo (Grandfather)

Branch Elder (Older Brother)

Professional Info
Affiliation New Murim Alliance
Ex-Affiliation Main Family


Occupation Idol/Singer
Martial Arts
Master 48th Grand Master


Rank Master
Webtoon Debut
Chapter 19

Haeji is a Idol/Singer. She is the disciple of the Grand Master and her Grand Father Suksoo.

Appearance Edit

She has blue eyes and blonde hair.

Personality Edit

She likes to tease people and she likes to spend time with Eun Aran.

Plot Edit

Ki Poisoning Edit

After all the ruckus cause by fighting the Twin Brothers they decide to go find Rock Smith’s disciple Haeji, who is also the Grand Master’s disciple. On their way to his disciple concert he explains how she only looks young because he taught her Ki Draining. 

At the concert, Haeji runs into the group and Rock Smith explains how Aran has grand masters Ki inside and that he is Ki poisoned. She agrees and send Su Jung across the street to her studio. 

After the concert, Haeji shows up at her studio and the proceeds to release Aran’s Ki. After releasing his Ki, Aran’s personality changes and he leaves the studio.

Suksoo, Ju Jang, and Haeji shows up a Man Gang Hong to find it destroyed and Shop Owner’s subordinate sleeping in a tent outside. He explains to them that a fight broke out and Aran escaped. Then he explains that Aran is going around stealing secrets from all over Murim.

Suksoo, Su Jung, and Haeji show up to stop Scorpion. Scorpion attacks Suksoo and he blocks with Rock Shield. Haeji attacks with Critical Kick to push Scorpion away. Then he summons three Hongmoon Disciples to deal with the three new pest. The three dicipless subdue Suksoo, Su Jang, and Haeji while scorpion attacks Aran.

Abilities Edit

She is a master of Ki draining

Critical Kick & Critical Punch - techniques created by combining martial arts and corepgraphh dance moves.

Ki Draining ( Wooden Puppet Control) - She is master at staying young through ki draining also she is a master at undoing Ki Poisoning.