Hong Su Jung
Personal Info
Gender Female
Relatives 48th Grand Master (Grand Father)
Professional Info
Affiliation New Murim Alliance
Ex-Affiliation Main Family

Hongmoon Clan

Martial Arts
Master 48th Grand Master
Webtoon Debut
Chapter 1

Hong Su Jung is a skilled fighter of the Hongmoon Clan. After the Grandmasters death she stays with Aran.

Appearance Edit

Blue long haired girl with a slender body. Noted to be pretty and a nice body by ither characters in story.Also has Brown eyes.

Personality Edit

She is quick to anger but she gentle deep down.

Plot Edit

Receiving the 500 year old ki Edit

Aran wakes up in the hospital. Then after breaking the bed, Aran heads to the bathroom. Hong Su Jung walks in and knocks Aran out cold out of anger for the grand master. 

Aran wakes up in First Dojo Hongmoonwon surrounded by the Seven disciples of the Hongmoon Clan. Then 4 of them leave to take on Scorpion.

The Dojo is then attacked by robots and the dragon henchman. Su Jang is knocked out and Aran is told to grab her and flee.

Abilities Edit

Basic martial arts.