Ju Chang
Personal Info
Status Robot
Professional Info
Affiliation Robot Faction
Ex-Affiliation Main Family

Hongmoon Clan

Martial Arts
Webtoon Debut
Chapter 5

Ju Chang is one of the 7 Disciples of the Grand Master.

Plot Edit

When Eun Aran wakes up at Hongmoon base and is interrogated. Ju Chang is pissed at Aran cause he feels he was entitled the 500 year old Ki. He decides to leave with his brothers and sisters to defend Tiger Sensei.

When they show up Tiger Sensei has already been defeated by Scorpion. He then challenges Scorpion but is defeated.

Then he appears underground in a room endlessly facing off against robots. Then a robot that has learned all his moves faces off against a already tired Ju Chang. Eventually he loses and becomes a mind controlled robot for scorpion.

Abilities Edit

He uses nunchucks to fight his opponents.