Personal Info
Nickname Lu-Chang Daehyup

The Great Northern Fist

Gender Male
Professional Info
Affiliation Main Family
Occupation Master
Base of Operation Shinkyokushin Dojo
Martial Arts
Rank Master
Style Bronze Fist
Webtoon Debut
Chapter 41

Lu-Chang Daehyup dojo is atacked byy robots. Aran and crew show up to protect the Bronze Fist Scroll and the dojo.

Appearance Edit

A bearded guy with glasses.

Personality Edit

He seems like a very thankful guy after being rescued.

Plot Edit

When robots attack his Dojo, Aran the crew show up to stop them. Through the battle Madai steals the scroll the secret to the Bronze fist. Then Aran blast it out of his hands. After the robots retreat Aran goes over to help assist Lu-Chang and he ends upon draining his Ki and through it he learns Bronze Fist.

Abilities Edit

Bronze Fist- A beginner technique for trainees.