Palm of Chungsoo
Technique Data
Affiliation Main Family
Range Short to Long Range
Known Users Eun Aran
Webtoon Debut
Chapter 24

A Chinese technique of the Main Family.  It is a technique where you gather all pure Ki in your body into the palm of your hand and you release it.

Plot Edit

After running around all night when Aran and Shop Owner arrives at a cave he passes out only to wake up seeing Aran awake and trying to learn every secret from each book. Aran hands Shop Owner a book in chinese which teaches the Palm of Chungsoo. After a brief explanation from the Shop Owner, Aran able to learn the technique. After turning towards the Shop Owner he fire a Palm of Chungsoo at him and he passes out. After waking up once again he doubts that he can use it. Then Aran fires it again and the Shop Owner passes out once again. Aran then is impressed with himself able to use Palm of Chungsoo a main branch move compared to the Branch family move Blood Cutter