Personal Info
Nickname Rock Smith
Gender Male
Professional Info
Affiliation New Murim Alliance
Martial Arts
Student Eun Aran
Rank Master
Style Main Family and Branch Family arts
Webtoon Debut
Chapter 1

Suksoo also known as the Rock Smith. He is a master who was good friends with the late Grand Master. He now trains Eun Aran to protect the Murim world from the robots.

Appearance Edit

An old man who stay young by using Ki draining.

Personality Edit

A very ambitouss man who has ideals and doesntt let anyone stop him. Due to his strong personality neither the Main or Branch family could deal with him.

Plot Edit

Receiving the 500 year old ki Edit

Aran shows up with Su Sang and the Rock Smith begins training him in the move Rock Breaker. 

Abilities Edit

Is a master of earth and metal techniques.

  • Rock Breaker - can makes rocks file up from the ground
  • Wooden Puppet Control - allows a user to control a weaker persons ki. It can drain ki, exhaust it, or control the person with it.
  • Rock Shield - Uses his ki to form a shield similar to a boulder.