Twin Stars
Personal Info
Nickname Twin Stars of Public Square

Twin Stars of Square Market

Gender Male & Female
Professional Info
Affiliation Main Family
Occupation Food Venders
Martial Arts
Rank Master
Style Inner Ki techniques
Webtoon Debut
Chapter 45

Twin Stars are masters of Inner Ki techniques and food venders in disguise.

Plot Edit

They are serving food until Eun Aran attacks them at their little shop. They fight him off by infusing Ki into different objects they cook with. They start to get the upper hand on him until Aran allows the Yin Ki to take over. After thinking Aran freezes up the old man attacks him and ends up getting his Ki absorbed. Then the woman tries to save him and Aran prepares to attack her. Yoon Ah-Reum steps in and saves her.

Abilities Edit

Inner Ki techniques.